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Red Dame Venetian Mask from 17th Century Commedia del Arte Period

Size: 40" (inches)

Materials: All hand-made and painted on paper mache and fine fabrics.

Welcome to our studio

Venetian Masks

At Spirit of Venezia Studio we create and sell Venetian masks. These masks are great for weddings, masquerades, parties, proms, carnivals, Halloween, Mardi Gras, masked balls, and more. Our masks are made of paper mache or resins (making them light weight) and are elaborately decorated. We have eye piece masks, half face masks and full face masks that come either with a handle or in tie on forms. Explore our mask gallery and look for the perfect costume mask.

Venetian Mask Making

With our Venetian Signature Collection of masks, we strive to recreate the classical art of Venetian mask making using the original techniques of 17th Century Italian mask makers. We faithfully create these masks with authenticity to the old Medieval and Renaissance styles worn in Venice, Italy at Venetian carnival masquerades.

Each of these masks is exquisitely handmade and crafted - from the formation of the paper mache or resin mask to the elaborate decoration by fine fabrics, macrame lace and authentic Swarowski crystals. Delicately hand-painted and glazed with layers of fine coatings to give the mask a true antique feel, each of our masks is a masterpiece of old tradition revived.

Masquerade Ball Event Planning

If you are planning a large event or party that requires Venetian style masks, contact us by email (or call us at 416.835.4103) and we can discuss volume discounts or arrange to contribute a portion of the masks sales to your event. Participants can purchase their masks online and use a unique event/promotion code that will identify them as your guests.

Custom Mask Design and Alteration

Special requests are welcome and we will do our best to customize our masks to meet your individual needs. Whether you are planning a wedding party, a birthday celebration, a special event occasion, are attending a true Venetian ball or simply want to enjoy the mystique of a unique mask, our studio is able to fulfill all your needs.

Mask Making Class and Workshops

We offer mask making classed and workshops for both children and adults. Please contact us for further information.

Toronto Canada Venetian Masks

Our studio is located in Toronto, Canada and customer service is our priority. Please come and experience the vibrant Spirit of Venezia by taking in our mask gallery and seeing the face of a timeless tradition.

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Please contantact us at info@spiritofvenezia.com. We will gladly answer your requests and appreciate any feedback or comments.

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